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Kirstie Adamson
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Kirstie Adamson

Original Artwork

Magazine Collage

Dimensions: Width 30cm | Height 30cm | Depth 4cm

This was my companion piece for the Fifty Bees Second Leg exhibition 2018.
Number Of Bee: 66
Latin Name Of Bee: Bombus Barbutellus
Common Name Of Bee: Barbut's Cookoo Bee

I chose to concentrate on the summer habitat and so I depicted a meadow with summer flowers visited - thistles, knapweeds, clover, vetches and buddleia, the main focus of the piece.

The shape of the magazine collage upon the canvas has been designed to show the population density, widespread and locally frequent in southern and central England scarcer in Wales and further north where the collage dwindles.

As a cuckoo bumblebee, Bombus Barbutellus does not build any nest of its own, but usurps the nests of other bumblebees, killing the queen and forcing the workers to raise its own offspring. I left a negative space in the form of a bumblebee for this reason.

Magazine collage on canvas, this piece is ready to hang.

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